Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Aerospace Innovation Competition

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do you have what it takes to win the $2,000 Grand Prize?!?!?

6 Teams - 3 Tasks - 1 Grand Prize!

Put your innovation and entrepreneurship skills to the test by completing an array of diverse tasks while having fun and competing for a Grand Prize of $2,000. Success will depend on your ability to quickly learn about several aerospace-related issues, to be creative, to demonstrate engineering and design skills, to work in a team, to communicate effectively in person and through media, and to understand and appeal to the needs of customers.

The Competition: The Aerospace Innovation Competition is actually composed of three separate tasks, each of which will be carried out over a number of days. A description of the overall Competition as well as the assignment of the first task will be given during a kick-off lunch on Tuesday, October 27 in the School of Engineering Multi-Purpose Room. Over the course of the following 3 weeks, teams will complete tasks and be assigned new tasks in order to demonstrate their ability in a wide range of areas. Finally, on Wednesday, November 18 (tentative) teams will meet at the NASA Research Park to complete their remaining tasks, participate in an evening mentoring reception, and learn who the winners are. In addition to the $2,000 Grand Prize, prizes for individual tasks will also be presented.

The Competition is brought to you by the generous support and cooperation of:

Teaming Guidelines: Up to 6 teams may enter, first come first served. Each team must have 5-6 students, and all students must be currently enrolled as full-time Santa Clara University undergraduates. At least 50% of the members on each team must be students currently in the School of Engineering (e.g. majoring in Engineering). In addition, at least one team member must be currently enrolled in a major other than within the School of Engineering. All members of the team must actively participate in each task to a level that is deemed acceptable to the organizers/judges, or the team will be disqualified.

Select your team carefully! You'll be asked to perform a wide range of tasks, so consider building your team with a diverse set of talents. The tasks you will need to perform will require, among other things, knowledge of and skills involving geometry, design, video editing, research into contemporary issues, prototyping, data decoding, and the ability to create and execute a high quality and compelling presentation..

Contest Schedule:

· Tuesday, October 27, Noon. Kick-off Briefing and lunch in the Multi-Purpose Room. Teams are invited to attend this lunch session to learn the details of the Competition and to receive details on their initial tasks.

· Tuesday, October 27 - Wednesday, November 18. Teams will be assigned and will complete tasks over the course of these three weeks. Details of each task and breaking news regarding the overall Competition will be released on this web site and/or through e-mail to the Points of Contact for each team. Teams are generally given several days to complete tasks in order to make it easier to participate in this event given the demands of the academic schedule.

· Wednesday, November 18, 5:00 pm (tentative). Final completion of tasks, mentoring reception, and Award Presentations, CREST Building, NASA Research Park. The $2,000 Grand Prize will be announced and other awards will be presented. This event is one of several SCU activities during the week of November 16-20, which is Global Entrepreneurship Week.

To Enter: Send a single e-mail Dr. Kitts (ckitts @ to enter your team. This e-mail MUST include the following information:

  • A team name

  • A team point of contact (a student), with name, e-mail and phone number

  • Names, student ID, e-mail, year, and major of each student on the team

Note the following:

  • The team size and make-up must conform to the rules listed above

  • All requested information must be supplied or the entry request will be considered incomplete

  • Teams will be entered on a first-come, first-served basis given complete and valid entry e-mails and a confirmation by Dr. Kitts that teams have the proper skill set as required for the competition.

Note: All decisions of the organizers and judges will be considered final. Additional clarifications of contest rules will be posted as necessary. Additional teams may be accommodated if resources permit. Participating student must agree to be photographed and/or videotaped for promotional or press purposes. In addition, we reserve the right to modify the timing of events given the demands of the academic schedule and the availability of key personnel. One team slot may be reserved for students enrolled in Mech/BioE 194.

Teams: The following teams have applied for the competition:

Team Awesome-o
Max Altshuld, senior ME
Nick Tenhulzen, senior ME
Trevor Lefler, senior ME
Alex Grifis, junior PHYS
Matt Pavlik, senior ME
Matt Neber, senior ME
Business and Engineering Alliance for Research (B.E.A.R)
Jose Alberto Rosales, junior ME
Christian Zempel, junior ME
Alex Fischer, junior ME
Zachary Walkerlieb, junior BUS & FIN
Brittan Grace, senior ECON & FIN
Collin Lee, sophomore EE & COEN
Dennis Ding, sophomore FIN & MATH
Wesley Engers, junior MAN & MATH
Sonny Gandhi, sophomore COEN
Daniel Gih, sophomore COEN
Jimmy Nguyen, sophomore MARKETING
Alex Hanchett, sophomore MECH
Platinum Platypi
Kadee Mardula, junior MECH
Katie Kurtz, junior BIOE
Thain Simon, junior FIN
Hilary Titus, junior ENGL
Charles Franz, sophomore MECH
Chris Freeburg, junior BIO
Limit Does Not Exist (LDNE)
Nicholas Xydes, freshman MECH
Maxwell Herrmannsfeldt, freshman MECH
Alexis Babb, freshman undeclared BUS
Silvia Garcia, freshman MECH
Jack Wagner, freshman BUS
Ezana Tesfu, freshman CIV
Sublime Paradigm
Bryson Lam, freshman EE
Sarana Chen, freshman undeclared BUS
Franz Louie Chua, freshman EE
Marina Howard, freshman CIV
Tri Dung Nguyen, freshman COEN
Bernadette Tong, freshman MECH

Competition Information: Competition details and updates are posted here - teams should check this section of the site on a routine basis.


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