Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UFO invasion of earth imminent

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the last few weeks I have been talking incessantly about a UFO vortex exit either in the south of Brazil in Santa Catarina or in the north-east near Fortaleza. Highly credible multiple reports have shown the silvery discs that exit this vortex to cause electrical failure. Tragically a plane has gone down killing over 200 people in one of two areas where I believe this vortex is located and many ufologists are not sure it is a coincidence.

As I write I can confirm that dozens of scientists employed by the governments of the major nations are in Fortaleza tracking down and trying to capture images of these UFOs. In the last few days it can also be confirmed that UFO activity and the arrival of these silver, disc shaped surveillance UFOs has been unprecedented and well beyond any previous levels of activity.

NASA, enjoying the last moments of earth's splendid isolation has gone into overdrive with its cover-up story 'debunking' UFO activity picked up by its satellites. Other news outlets are busy informing us of six spyplanes that are commonly mistaken for UFOs: and although undoubtedly the latter story has much truth to it one must wonder about the timing.

However it appears the horse has bolted and the hour of contact is upon us whether NASA or any government likes it or not.

South-West China as well as Siberia are areas where the vortex is tipped to move to shortly.

A report has just been filed in the US by a commercial pilot a who witnessed a similar type craft flying alongside his plane and the US government is taking this incident very seriously.

it appears a race in the nearby Andromeda Galaxy has 'discovered' us. These 'unmanned' surveillance discs have made their way home at some point and reported back on our existence. The floodgate has opened.

Let me predict: Sightings of UFOs by will be unprecedented over the next few weeks. We are at a minute to midnight in terms of ending our isolation. Open unilateral contact is months, weeks, days or even hours away.

We are about to meet our universal brethren: are you ready?


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