Friday, June 12, 2009

NASA backs month-long homosexual pride celebration

Friday, June 12, 2009

NASA is celebrating homosexual pride month.

After a presidential proclamation declaring June homosexual pride month, NASA is drawing some reaction for its support. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel tells OneNewsNow NASA has obviously gone off course and they need to get back on track.

"NASA needs to focus on what it's good at and that is sending people to the moon, not celebrating sexual perversity," he believes. "NASA has clearly misfired here. It's off track. It's out of step with the American people, and I think it goes back to the president of the United States who is left of every social issue."

Matt StaverStaver does not believe people will tolerate Obama lifting up perversity. "When he simply ignores the Day of Prayer, he apologizes for America, says that America is not a Christian or a Jewish nation, and lauds Islam and apologizes to the Islamic leaders and bows down to them," he points out.

Celebrating homosexuality will be part of America's downfall if its people do not change course, Staver concludes.


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